Equipment By Type  


Olympic Plate Free Weights

Stack Weight Machines





Cybex Leg Press Cybex Leg Extension Decline Crunch Bench
Endorphin Squat Rack Cybex Leg Curl Ab Balls
Cybex Smith Machine Cybex Horizontal Leg Press Ab Coaster
Endorphin Seated Calf Endorphin Abductor Roman Chair
Endorphin Behind Neck Bench Endorphin Adductor Hyper Oblique Flexor
Endorphin Decline Bench Endorphin Double Lat Machine

Dip Bar

Endorphin Olympic Bench Endorphin Lat Machine w/Seated Row Life Fitness Crunch Bench
Endorphin Incline Bench Cybex Shoulder Press  
Endorphin Scott Curl Bench Endorphin Peck Dec


Body Solid T-Bar Row Endorphin Pec Dec/Rear Delt Combo


Cemco Dumbbells (3lbs- 125lbs)   Endorphin Assisted Chin/Dip Life Fitness 93T Treadmills with Personal TV Screens
Cemco  Plates (2.5lbs - 45lbs) Endorphin Seated Chest Row Lifecycles - Upright
  Cybex Row and Rear Delt Lifecycles - Recumbent
  Endorphin Abdominal/ Back   Life Fitness Stair Climbers with Personal TV Screens

Endorphin Hip and Thigh

Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical Trainers with Personal TV Screens
  Cybex Vertical Chest Press Concept II Rower
  Endorphin Pullover  
  Cybex Bicep Curl  
  Cybex Tricep Curl  
  Cybex & Endorphin Cable Crossovers  
  Cybex Rotary Torso