Equipment By Use  


Legs Chest Back/Shoulders




Cybex Leg Press Cybex & Endorphin Cable Crossovers

Abdominal/ Back

Cybex Horizontal Leg Press Endorphin Olympic Bench Cybex Row and Rear Delt
Endorphin Squat Rack Endorphin Incline Bench Cybex & Endorphin Cable Crossover
Cybex Smith Machine Endorphin Decline Bench Behind Neck Bench
Endorphin Seated Calf Endorphin Peck Dec Hyper Oblique Flexor
Cybex Leg Curl Endorphin Peck Dec/Rear Delt Combo Roman Chair
Cybex Leg Extension Cybex Smith Machine Dip Bar
Endorphin Abductor

Cybex Vertical Chest Press

Endorphin Assisted Chin/Dip
Endorphin Adductor   Endorphin Military Press
Cybex Cable Crossovers


Endorphin Double Lat Machine
Endorphin Hip and Thigh


Lat Machine with Seated Row
  Cybex & Endorphin Cable Crossovers Cybex Smith Machine


Double Lat Machine T-Bar Row


Assisted Chin/Dip Endorphin Seated Chest Row
Ab Ball Scott Curl Bench Cybex Shoulder Press
Ab Coaster Dip Bar  
Abdominal/ Back Pullover


Cybex & Endorphin Cable Crossovers Cybex Bicep Curl  
Decline Crunch Bench Cybex Tricep Curl  
Roman Chair   Life Fitness 93T Treadmills with Personal TV Screens
Hyper Oblique Flexor


Lifecycles - Upright
Life Fitness Crunch Bench


Lifecycles - Recumbent
Cybex Rotary Torso Dumbbells (3lbs- 125lbs) Life Fitness Stair Climbers with Personal TV Screens
  Cybex & Endorphin Cable Crossover Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical Trainers with Personal TV Screens
  Cybex Smith Machine Concept II Rower
  Hyper Oblique Flexor  
  Endorphin Hip and Thigh